• $550 Billion in revenue is lost each year due to workplace disengagement (Gallup), but healthy relationships increase engagement by 50% or more (Christine M. Riordan).

  • According to an Axial study, companies with high disengagement were 40x less likely to identify their culture as a great place to work. (Predictive Index)

  • Social isolation costs the US government nearly $7 billion in additional health care costs per year. (Quartz)

  • Feeling lonely results in a 60 percent increased risk of functional decline and a 45 percent greater risk of death. (Geriatrician Carla Perissinotto)

  • The loneliest job may very well be that of Leader.” - Naphtali Hoff, PsyD, President, Impactful Coaching & Consulting


Life is measured in relationships.

The Relationship Black Belt Academy™ trains High Capacity Leaders in the Relational Arts™.

Using the 7 Daily Choices developed by Sensei Dow Tippett, the academy will instruct you to optimize your leadership potential in the relational skills that allow your to create, build, and sustain a thriving life with other.

Empower your influence and expand your impact by joining today.


the Journey

  • 5 DAY CHALLENGE - Free Video Trial to answer the question “Is this journey for me?'“

  • BASIC TRAINING - Discover the Skills - 8 Weeks of Training in the 7 Daily Choices that form the foundation of the Relational Arts.

  • SAMURAI TRAINING - Master the Enemy - Continue in this 12 Session Training to apply the discipline of the Relational Arts into every area of your life and become a Certified Relationship Samurai.

  • SHOGUN TRAINING - Become the Leader - Join our team and become a Relationship Samurai Master. Grow your own RBBA™ training center.


Your Instructor


Also known as the Barefoot Speaker, Dow has been training men, couples, leaders, and parents for over 30 years in the Art of Thriving Relationships.

Dow is a successful business owner of a karate school where he trains over 100 students in Christian Leadership through the Martial Arts.