Samurai Challenge

Is this Journey for You?

  • Conquer the enemy destroying your relationships

  • Vanquish the fear of living alone

  • Triumph over discord in your world

  • Deliver Peace to your home, work, and community

  • Empower your network for maximum impact and income

  • Overcome the obstacles to your influence

5-Day Samurai Challenge Includes!

5 Videos:

  • KNOW YOUR ENEMY: Gain clarity about what destroys relationships so you can save yours

  • DEFEAT LONELINESS: 3 steps to vanquish the great tragedy of modern man

  • YIELD TO THE THREAT: Discover the greatest obstacle to your influence and how to overcome it

  • EMPOWERING YOUR NETWORK: Understanding the secret to maximum impact and income

  • 7 DAILY CHOICES: Learn the seven disciplines to becoming a true RELATIONSHIP SAMURAI