GREEN Belt Training

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  • Step towards Strength

  • Learn the Ways of Relationship Warriors

  • Gain understanding of others

  • Deliver Peace to your home, work, and community

  • Find the power of Leaders

Next Session begins AuGUST 5, 2019!

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8 Weeks to know the skills of the Samurai:

  • DISENGAGEMENT AND DEATH: The Beginning of the End

  • VULNERABILITY: The Choice that Brings Strength

  • AWARENESS: The Choice the Gives Understanding

  • SAFETY: The Choice that Creates Hope

  • HONESTY: The Choice that Shines Light

  • FORGIVENESS: The Choice that Restores Life

  • INTEGRITY: The Choice that Delivers Freedom

  • SUBMISSION: The Choice that Makes Leaders

Space is Limited! Apply Now

Next Session begins August 5, 2019